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  • All Services
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Environmental Management
  • Closure Liability Estimation

Our distinctive approach to problem solving in the field of environmental engineering provides our clients with unique, fact-based engineering solutions. This is illustrated in functioning sites in both the industrial and mining sectors. Through extensive exposure to legal compliancy challenges in the respective industries, we can provide practical solutions for:

  • Stormwater management systems.

  • Development and implementation of rehabilitation plans.

  • Residue deposition plans and modelling.

  • Technical guidance for EIAs and EMPs.

We understand the importance and need for our clients to find a balance between conserving the natural environment, and ensuring future economic growth. Our holistic approach to environmental management will provide you with the assistance needed to:

  • Establish adaptive management strategies which are sustainable, practical and cost-effective.

  • Design environmental processes which promotes the preservation of our natural environment.

  • Create innovative solutions for all environmental related issues.

Our refined closure liability estimation and costing processes can be tailored to suit the needs of your project and insure legal compliancy. In accordance with South African legislation, we specialise in:

  • Calculation of closure liability estimates for scheduled and unscheduled closure.

  • Annual updating of liability estimates.

  • Calculations for EIAs and EMPs, which includes closure costs for a 10 year project schedule and unscheduled closure cost estimates.

Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineering is an extremely broad and complex discipline. By definition environmental engineering is "a discipline focused on the movement of environmental contaminants and their fate in the environment". Consequently, environmental engineering is focused on finding successful end-of-pipe solutions to environmental problems.

In accordance to the definition of environmental engineering, our experienced environmental engineers will ensure that you receive well researched, practical solutions to your environmental problems.

Our teamed approach to environmental engineering has provided our national and international clients with the necessary guidance to comply legally and develop innovative management solutions.

E-TEK Consulting specialises in the following environmental engineering services:

  • Rehabilitation planning of mining, industrial, landfill, construction and other ecologically disturbed sites.
  • Airspace modelling for the development and/or rehabilitation of typically residue deposits and/or landfill sites.
  • Hydrology and stormwater management:

  • Developing of Stormwater Management Plans (SWMP).
  • Design of stormwater dams, canals, silt traps, culverts, interception trenches and other stormwater management structures.
  • Clean and dirty water separation.
  • Hydrological assessment of flood peaks, flood volumes and flood lines.
  • Mine water balances.

  • The development of dumping strategies for the development and management of waste or residue deposits.
  • Civil designs (conceptual and detail).
  • Agricultural engineering services.
  • Project management.

Environmental Management

In today's ever changing environment it is difficult for projects and operations from all sectors to keep track of the most important and relevant environmental strategies, processes and legislation. Our qualified team of environmental managers and ecologists can provide well researched, sustainable and practicable advice for all phases of a project and ensure legal compliancy.

Our researched based approach to environmental management has given us the ability to resolve issues which are found nationally and internationally, between operational processes and environmental management strategies.

E-TEK Consulting specialises in rehabilitation and closure planning for mining and industrial operations and thereby integrating environmental management and engineering aspects.

    This includes:

  • Project Management and assistance with onsite environmental coordination.
  • Development and design of rehabilitation trials.
  • Development of detailed closure plans.
  • Rehabilitation and closure planning related workshops.
  • General Rehabilitation planning.
  • Risk assessments and gap analysis.
  • State of the environment reports.
  • Strategic environmental assessments.

  • Other services:

  • Environmental management plans (EMPs).
  • Biodiversity Management Plans.
  • GIS services:

  • Georeferencing and projecting of maps.
  • Building of 3D fly-troughs with ArcScene.
  • Roaster / Image georeferencing.
  • General GIS management.

  • Biomonitoring.
  • Environmental Auditing (performance assessment).
  • Environmental impact assessments / Basic assessments (EIAs / BAs).

Closure Liability Estimation

Our costing specialists will ensure that you gain a better understanding of your financial responsibilities pertaining to rehabilitation strategies, mitigation measures and closure actions (scheduled and unscheduled).

E-TEK Consulting's uniquely structured costing liability estimation method is all inclusive and adaptable in both the national and international arena. Furthermore, all our costing related processes are in accordance with national and international legislative frameworks and best practice guidelines.

The costing liability estimation method is based on evaluating site and client specific needs, financial feasibility assessments, redefining of all applicable costing frameworks and the updating of applicable rates.

The importance of well-informed decision making and management strategies has been proven to be the key to completing a successful project. Trust in our highly experienced team of costing and quantity surveying specialists to inform you of your financial liabilities and establish an adaptable and practical costing liability management strategy.

E-TEK Consulting can provide a variety of costing related services for your operation and/or project:

  • Initial closure liability estimation.
  • Annual updating of liability estimates for scheduled and unscheduled closure.
  • Development and implementation of a Cash Flow Program.
  • Feasibility analysis of closure actions / criteria.
  • 1 - 10 year liability forecast for EIA/EMP applications.
  • Updating and compilation of Bill of Quantities.
  • Establishment of GIS based closure liability estimation systems.
  • Onsite quantity verification.
  • Compilation of reference maps linked to liability estimates.
  • Photo referencing of closure aspects.

Other services:

  • Quantity and liability auditing.
  • Project management.

E-TEK Consulting was established in 2007 and consists of a team of dedicated specialists focussing on environmental engineering, environmental management and closure liability estimation. Our head office is situated in Potchefstroom with a Regional Office in Johannesburg. Team members have extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of mining, industrial activities and environmental management strategies.



Client driven service
E-TEK Consulting’s main goal is to provide our clients with a unique expert driven, innovative, sustainable and cost effective service throughout the life span of a project (Cradle to grave).

Our vision is to be a world leading expert in environmental engineering, environmental management and closure liability estimation.


We are committed to excellence and will always go the extra mile to ensure that all social, environmental, operational and economic aspects of a project are well researched.



At E-TEK Consulting we believe in following a researched-based approach with all our projects. To this end, we follow a multi-disciplinary approach where associated specialists are incorporated into project teams, as and when required.

Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought (Author: Albert Szent-Gyorgyi).

Existing client base


Our existing client base illustrates the scope of our expertise across various mining and industrial sectors.
  • Mponeng Gold Plant
  • Koponang Gold Plant
  • East Gold Plant
  • West Gold Plant
  • Savuka Gold Plant
  • Venetia Mine
  • Snap Lake (De Beers Canada)
  • NAMDEB (Namibia)
  • Kimberley Consolidated Mines
  • Voorspoed Mine
  • Impala Platinum
  • Impala Refineries
  • Marula Platinum
  • Leeuwkop Mine
  • Mapochs Mine
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Paul Harris (Environmental Engineering)
B.Sc. Engineering – Agricultural



Jeanette Erasmus (Environmental Management & Project Management)
M.Sc. Environmental Management



Leon Koekemoer (Closure Liability Estimation & Project Management)

NDip. Construction Management




E-TEK Consulting provides a work environment which promotes innovation, creativity and personal growth. We share a mutual passion for the environment, our relationship with our clients and our colleagues.

When recruiting new members we focus on the following attributes:

Team player

Our teamed approach to problem solving requires individuals who work well within a team and who values the team’s efforts and contributions as much as their own. We are continuously looking for passionate individuals to join our team of specialists.

Balanced lifestyle

We believe in making the most of life, whether it is at work or at home. We promote and encourage our colleagues to maintain a balanced lifestyle. A person cannot reach their full potential if they are not living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Thinking outside the box

Most great inventions are made by individuals who have the ability to think differently or unconventionally. Innovative thinking has proven to be the key to resolving some of the most complex problems in our industry.


It is said that true dedication is shown through passion, time, practice and love. We share this notion and believe that our team members must be dedicated towards satisfying the professional requirements of our clients by promoting sustainability of our environment and resources.

Opportunities at E-TEK Consulting

To view the positions currently available at E-TEK Consulting, click on the following link.

Submit your CV to our internal database


Submit your CV to adminassist@etekconsulting.co.za to be added to our internal database. CVs recorded in our internal database will be reviewed for future opportunities at E-TEK Consulting.