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E-TEK Team

E-TEK Consulting was established in 2007 and consists of a team of dedicated specialists focussing on environmental engineering, environmental management and closure liability estimation. Our head office is situated in Potchefstroom with a Regional Office in Johannesburg. Team members have extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of mining, industrial activities and environmental management strategies.

Experienced specialists with a fresh perspective

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The value of Ubuntu “I am, because you are” is core to our understanding of our role in our community. We are not spectators; we are part of a bigger organism. Our belief in making a sustainable difference one project at a time, mirrors our commitment to our community, we want to see sustainable impact through the projects we support.

Mosaic Community Developments does just that, they are sustainably impacting the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children and their caretakers, through their unique model:

Mosaic Model in ETEK colours-01.png
Mosaic Model in ETEK colours-01.png
Mosaic AR_COVID Operations Pages.png

Visit their website to find out more about their vision, their programmes and impact 

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