E-TEK Consulting’s main goal is to provide our clients with a unique
expert driven, innovative, sustainable and cost effective service throughout the life span of a project. Cradle to grave.

Our vision is to be a world leading expert in environmental engineering, environmental management and closure liability estimation.

We are committed to excellence and will always go the extra mile
to ensure that all social, environmental, operational and economic aspects of a project are well researched.

1. ENVIRONMENTAL management

In today's ever-changing environment it is difficult for projects and operations from all sectors to keep track of the most important and relevant environmental strategies, processes, and legislation. Our qualified team of environmental managers, scientists and consultants can provide well-researched, sustainable, and practical advice for all phases of a project and ensure legal compliancy.


Our research-based approach to environmental management has given us the ability to resolve issues which are found nationally and internationally, between operational processes and environmental management strategies.


E-TEK Consulting specialises in rehabilitation and closure planning for mining and industrial operations.  We integrate environmental management and engineering aspects, including:

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Environmental Planning and Management:

• Project Management and assistance with onsite environmental coordination. 

• Development of closure plans and providing guidance to ensure integrated mine closure and rehabilitation planning.

• Rehabilitation and closure planning related training and workshops. 

• Post-mining land use plans to assist clients to plan beyond closure.Land use plans assist in optimising land use and capability - taking site constraints, regional context, and stakeholder expectations into consideration. 

• Compilation of Environmental Management Plans (EMPs) and Biodiversity Management Plans (BMPs) to assist with the prevention and management of reasonably avoidable adverse impacts to the environment and biodiversity.


E-TEK Consulting apply scientific and engineering principles to evaluate possible environmental impacts and develop mitigation measures and successful solutions. Our experienced environmental engineers will ensure that you receive well researched, practical solutions to your environmental problems.


We provide our national and international clients with the necessary guidance to comply legally and develop innovative management solutions. We have vast experience with:


Closure Planning, Rehabilitation,

and Monitoring:

• Rehabilitation planning of mines, industrial sites, landfills, construction areas, and ecologically

disturbed sites in line with industry standards and legislative requirements. 

• Rehabilitation benchmarking to sites with similar nature and characteristics.

• Rehabilitation design and implementation, including care and maintenance programs. 

• Technical approach to field-based rehabilitation trials and research. 

• Practical closure objectives and criteria. 

• Targeted monitoring programs, including rehabilitation success. 

• Supervising and auditing of rehabilitation and closure works.


The hydrological cycle is a natural process, but anthropogenic activities influence the quality and quantity of usable water. How we manage this scarce resource can therefore be either an asset or a hazard.

Our team ensures integrated, realistic, and practical solutions for water resource development and management.  We design to the needs of our clients, while ensuring alignment with best practices and legislative requirements. Our field of services include the following:


Assessment and Monitoring:

• Hydrological assessments.  

Water and salt balance analyses and modelling, including: 

- Pumps and pipe size optimisation

- Pollution control dam sizing

- Liner classification

- Flood hydrology studies

- Dam safety inspections and evaluations

- Geotechnical investigations

Water conservation planning.


• Implementation of stormwater designs and construction activities.

Construction supervision and

project management.

4. Estimating

Managing closure liabilities has become an integral part of mining and industry planning to ensure optimisation from greenfield projects throughout the full mine life cycle. Understanding one's liabilities before the impact has occurred has become a crucial factor in any industry. E-TEK Consulting offers the full spectrum of cost estimating services. Our costing specialists will ensure that you gain a better understanding of your financial responsibilities pertaining to rehabilitation strategies, mitigation measures, and closure actions.


E-TEK Consulting developed uniquely structured financial models for estimating financial provisions addressing any closure scenario. Our financial models provide clients with an exceptional and accurate tool to assess their liabilities. All models are integrated within the mine plan to ensure optimisation.


Our financial models are adaptable to any entity within the mining and industrial spectrum meeting client-specific and industry needs. Our Estimators are constantly assessing and addressing technological advancements and ever-changing legislative frameworks to ensure our financial models caters for the future.


E-TEK Consulting's financial models are comprehensive and adaptable in both the national and international arenas. Furthermore, all our costing related processes are in accordance with national and international legislative frameworks and best practice guidelines.

Financial liability analysis and estimation:

Financial models are tailor-made to clients’ specific needs (Management Tool).

Feasibility analysis of closure criteria and actions to identify potential issues, evaluate alternatives, and prioritise actions to be taken. 

Cost-benefit analysis and optimisation of liabilities and mine plans providing concrete results to support decision making.

Development and implementation of cash flow programs for mine closure (premature and life-of-mine) and rehabilitation obligations.

Cost estimation of the risk assessment, mitigation, monitoring, evaluation, and control of potential environmental impacts.

Create accurate asset registers and quantify infrastructural aspects to provide complete information on location and status for auditing and management purposes.

Financial models that are aligned with closure and rehabilitation plans ensuring that our client’s needs and responsibilities are met.

Method statements with regards to demolition criteria for infrastructural aspects addressing potential risks and mitigation measures.

Budgeting for specialist and technical studies.

Development of standard operating procedures (SOPs).


GIS technology allows for the visualization, integration, and comparison of multiple data sources to provide a better understanding of real-life situations. For example, GIS layers showing existing mine infrastructure, mining components, water resources, land use, and other survey results could be overlaid to identify areas most suitable for ongoing rehabilitation activities or to inform mine closure planning.


E-TEK Consulting successfully completed a wide range of Environmental Engineering, Mine Closure and Rehabilitation, and Environmental Management projects and our geospatial implementations range from small mapping exercises to large planning and analysis projects. We use state-of-the-art industry standard software to provide our clients with detailed, accurate and interpretable spatial products that encompass the acquisition, analysis, integration, visualization, and management of geospatial data. E-TEK Consulting provide pragmatic and holistic solutions, including:

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Data Acquisition and Integration:

Data Capturing:

The acquisition of quality data is one of the key variables in obtaining meaningful results. Our team gathers and verifies quality geospatial data through accurate desktop studies of imagery, maps, drawings, photogrammetry, and reports. We also execute detailed field data collection with GPS mobile capturing devices and survey equipment.

Image Processing: 

Aerial photography, satellite imagery, and data acquisition and transformation are some of the most powerful data-capturing techniques for the creation of GIS spatial databases. Our services include checking, mosaicking, georeferencing, and georectification of raster datasets for use in mapping.


At E-TEK Consulting we believe in following a researched-based approach with all our projects. To this end, we follow a multi-disciplinary approach where associated specialists are incorporated into project teams, as and when required.

Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.

- Albert Szent-Gyorgyi